Ask The Nuwaupians, did Dr. Malachi Z. York ever give you what he really had to give?

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Ask The Nuwaupians, did Dr. Malachi Z. York ever give you what he really had to give?

Answer: "I came giving you what you want so that you can learn to want what I really have to give"  Really! 



Malachi York for several years made this declaration in conjunction with the "schools" he had to take the followers through in order for them to receive what he really has to give.   Once they had completed those schools, then comes the truth, the "right knowledge" but even after those so-called schools, York continued to claim that he is was giving you what you wanted so you would learn to want what he really has to give, thus more book sales. Those schools were, 

- Muhammad-ism,  1960's - 90's

- Christ-ism, 80's - 2002 

- Moses-ism,  1990 - 92

- Sumer-ism,  1992 - 1996 /2000 - 2004

- Egipt-ism, 1997 - 2001


 with these so-called schools, came name changes to the cult and to York,


- Ansar Pure Sufi

- AnsaruAllah

- Nubian Islamic Hebrew Mission

- Holy Tabernacle Ministries

- Nuwaubians

- United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors

- The Egiptian Church of "Karast" Christ

- The Holy Seed Baptist Synagogue



As more people began to investigate ancient Sumerian (eme.gir) language and Egyptian (mdw-ntr) culture and history, York's followers were challenged and faced with questions that required them to prove the clams of their teacher, this caused them to duck questions and resort to evasive commentaries like, 

Kham Tut Ankh: "...those were just schools...we are done with all that"

Ra'Nebu Ka Nazdur: "...notice every time the doctrine changed there was residue...there were residual Ansaars.. still running around with the Garb..if every school went back to what preceded the other, you would be able to leave them in the dust because you are working with updated information....people are past the monotheistic religious debates so that information is outdated..You truly have no idea what kind of students Doc raised because most of them wont glorify this thread with energy....the schools have already evolved....why debate old info?

Dark Skinking: "...Chuck you still talking about Sumeria and books he wrote back in the day in the man we past that we deal with paa Taraaq prove them wrong..." 




1. York Says:

"Don't believe me - Check it out."  that means  "I call your bluff by giving the impression that I'm so confident in what I'm saying that I tell you not to believe me but go and check it out and when you go to check it out and find it in a white mans books where I got it from in the first place, I make you feel bad by telling you that you need confirmation from the white man which then results in you not checking out what I say and a loyal follower is born."


2.  Nuwaupians Say:

"That was a school we went through." that means "We were taught some BS and believed it but later on when it was put under scrutiny we were forced to let it go and to save face as to keep the image of our master teacher in tact, so we call it a school."


"...I have to give you what you think you want, so you'll learn how to think on the level of what I really have to give..."

this saying was later said this way,

"I came giving you what you want so you would learn to want what I have to give"


At what point does York give you what he really has to give?  Well, he said in circa 1988 that,

"beings speak to you at different times threw me trying to answer all ya'll's questions to prepare you for the real knowledge, the real information that you have to have after you get though wobbling in how great you are and how you got here, how you're Abraham and you're Kedar, when you're finished ego tripping, then I can get down to teaching you the truth about things and prepare those who are supposed to leave here, to prepare so when the ship does come they can go..." 

-Who and What Are You?  audio (True Light) side 1.


York told his followers back then that what he has to give is the "real" or "right" knowledge after they are done with the theological euphoria and then to prepare them for the arrival of space ships.  This may seam problematic because he tells his followers years later a similar story in early 1991.

"...we were the only community who wore veils, Jalabiya's we did everything there was because if you're going to teach a people well, you got to submerge them in that knowledge, but that was not what they call right knowledge, that was called belief, cause while we were all submerged in Al Islam, it was all based on belief not facts. Now we had to go back and after we finished that I taught them all about Christianity..."


York made those comments shortly AFTER his so-called "19 classes" and "19 test" where he taught the followers all there was to know about the "school of "Judaism".  This was at a time when the various York congregations or "Tabernacle" took on Hebrew names, purchased Jewish "mazuzah's" with the Hebrew spelling "Shaddi" , wore the "kippah" also called a "yarmulke",  wore the white garb with tassels and fringes at the borders.  It was rumored within Tabernacles among the followers that the males who were not circumcised, would have to get circumcised as they were under the "new covenant". This was all at the time he called himself Rabboni Yashua Bar El Haddi.


A few years later in 1996, York produces his "book of books" the "divine revelation" from the masters who guides his pen, the so-called "Holy Tablets", where he makes the following statements regarding it.

"To end our brief discussions, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad always said; 'to expect a book that had the letter  "laam" and it's letters were dimensional', this was the vision of Elijah, his Prophecy came true by the release of a Holy Scripture called 'THE HOLY TABLETS' which was released to the public on June 29-30 of 1996 A.D."

-Malachi Z. York 


That was one of the lead up's to promote the book as a prophecy of Elijah Muhammad and this was when York had ended the "schools" of religion and he was teaching, "Nuwaubu" the "science of sound right reasoning".  York says this in his Holy Tablets about what he has to give,


"What I have to give, would liberate the mind of the Nuwaubian Nation and the physical will follow; because once there is mental unity there is physical unity, because where the mind goes the body will follow."

-Holy Tablets Chapter 19 Tablet 6:147-148


 Then he makes the overall point,

" was all necessary for the preparation of what I am teaching you now for your overstanding and acceptance.  I had to take you through several schools of learning before I could get you to this point to get all the stories and names correct in your are Nuwaubians, you are originally from Nubia, you have your own dress and culture, you now have EVERYTHING you need to go to the next level.  I came giving you what you wanted, Islam, so you would learn to want what I really have to give, now you have learned to want what I have to give."

-Holy Tablets Chapter 19 Tablet 6:184-194 


So there you have it, in 1996, York tells his followers via the "Holy Book" the Holy Tablets, that what he has to give will liberate the Nuwaubian and that you have learned to want what he really has to give, which was "Nuwaubu".  But if you thought that was it, you're wrong.  York tells his congregation that he has given them ALL HE HAS TO GIVE in the year 2000,


"Here it is, I have said it all.  What more can I say?  All those that opened their door to me, I TOOK UNDER MY WING, AND GAVE YOU ALL I HAVE TO GIVE.  I took you as I took the baby Cherub in the heavens, in hopes of reforming the disagreeable nature to the agreeable nature.  I have tried with all my might to change you, and have you excel in every and any endeavor your mind wants to comprehend.  Some of you have become and can become highly esteemed teachers and make yourselves worthy of not being forgotten when my time to speak on your behalf is here.  However, you can't let your ego and arrogance change the purity and beauty of RIGHT KNOWLEDGE, for it was the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE that opened your eyes to come to Me.

Don't become APOPHIS or APEP, AZAZL the removed one and his many other names, who after he surpassed all the angelic beings, NETERU in the heavens with his intelligence, felt that he was greater than his adopted father and teacher, myself, Malachi-Zodoq, Also Known as Melchizedek, Murdoq, Miyka-el, and in this day and time Amunnubi Raakhptah

-The Millennium Book Part 2  pg. 812


There you have it, York has finally given you what he really had to give in the year 2000 when that publication was released.  He says,  "Here it Is, I have said it all.  What more can I say?  All those that opened their door to me, I TOOK UNDER MY WING, AND GAVE YOU ALL I HAVE TO GIVE."


It can't get more clearer than that. Unfortunately for Nuwaupians, York keeps it going even after his arrest and conviction

In a letter from Malachi York dated 12/11/2004 he makes the following statements,

" for myself well you know, I will be okay because ANU and the Anunnaqi; are with many still trust the Ushum Gal and Zuen, even Enlil is not with them anymore after their time ended, these Canaanites are on their own now, doing devilishment and wining souls of Negroids who trust them...reptilians and evil Greys will have a feast, a big feast ha ha ha  I can see them now, all will look at the sun, it's in the Holy Tablets, find it...Ashq Baba."


This is long after the "schools" where he taught Sumer-ism, and after the Egipt-ism and Christ-ism school yet after writing,

"Here it is, I have said it all.  What more can I say?  All those that opened their door to me, I TOOK UNDER MY WING, AND GAVE YOU ALL I HAVE TO GIVE"

He's still talking about characters that Nuwaupians claim are just schools and old information. But to the shock and horror to most Nuwaupians, just before York was arrested and years AFTER the Christ-ism school was over, York begins to belittle the Nuwaupians for following Egipt-ism and "right knowledge" while he was following Jesus,


"...because you didn't get the holy ghost, you don't know what it means to get the holy ghost and be saved, ain't my fault (inaudible) you think you got a monopoly on knowledge and I'm the one who taught you niggah...I'm happy that Christ found favor in me...God don't exist, all that sounds good for whole bunch of demons who want to hear that, and that's what frightens me, you know what frightened me, I realized over a period of time the doctrine I taught I was growing weeds, because I was teaching the bible is wrong, and this is wrong and that is wrong... and the reason why they they liked that doctrine so much is because they're demons, and when you start talking about Christ and salvation and Resurrection and the spirit of God and the glory of God, they get mad a me..."


" don't decide to get saved, Dr. Malachi Z. York didn't decide to become a Christian or to get saved, I was quite content in Egiptology, I knew what I was talking about...when God chooses you, I don't care where you at, I don't care what you doing...if God chose you..and something hit's you like bam!.. then you hear yourself saying, Jesus is real..."

"...if you understand what I'm saying and the person standing next to you thinks this is some kind of joke, you better get on away from that person...I'm talking about the power of God transforming your life, you may not believe it, you may not believe it cause I would have told you last year get out of my face with that crap...but when it got down to the reality of it all, everybody here is going to stand at the door of death, I want to ask you a simply question, what do you got to loose or gain right now, some of you don't believe that Jesus Christ is your personal savior, right, but if you did accept him, how would it change your life for the worst?      

-You Want to Question Me, and I Taught You! 



This is after all the so-called schools and after he taught Nuwaubu. On that same recording, York is telling his followers of his conversion to Christianity,  while he was watching  "The Word Channel" the Pastor on TV looked into the camera and spoke to him and he felt that God was talking to him and that lead to him accepting Christ into his heart.  

On the CD above, York is speaking from his heart (presumed to be) that while watching the Word Channel, York says the Preacher paused, looked into the camera and spoke to him, "...Malachi I'm talking to you"... this according to York, caused him to cry.  


"I came giving you what you want so you would learn to want what I have to give"

According to York you have learned to think on the level of what he really had to give, and in one of his final class/lectures he disparages Nuwaubu and right knowledge, then advocates acceptance of Christ into ones heart.  York he's stated in one of his last publications that Jesus of 2000 years ago is real,

"...what better way to eliminate Ha Mashiakh, Al Masih, the Messiah than to make one think that he does not exist. Well, he does. THE YASHU'A, ISA, HARU, TAMMUZ, JESUS OF 2000 YEARS AGO IS REAL. HE'S REAL!!! "

-Is it Black Man's Christianity or White Man's Christianity? pg. 359


So after you've reached the thinking level he wanted to bring you up to, it turns out he wanted to give you Christ-ism from his perspective, which makes the schools a hell, and "school in York's mind was "hell" .


"...he was saying that school was "She'ol"  which in Hebrew meant Hell, an evil place... so he took all of us out of school Nichole, Safia, Sakina, Chandra and Ebony..."

-Habyibah Washington January 2004 Testimony


 "I came giving you what you want so you would learn to want what I have to give"

based on York's words and actions, it was a scam to string you along as a book buying client who would accept anything he taught, even if it was void of evidence.