Ask The Nuwaupians, why does your teacher contradict himself so much?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, why does your teacher contradict himself so much?

Answer: because they suffer from cognitive dissonance, they'll try to justify all lies, contradictions and plagiary with excuses.


Malachi York is notorious for making false claims, plagiarizing the works of others, taking credit for it as well as overt lies and contradictions.  This website documents them in greater detail.   On the issue of "Jesus Christ", York makes more inconsistent statements than in other segments of his religious cult theology.  Let's examine one.


For many years York has differed on the facts regarding a Jesus.  He released two publications designed to clear up any ambiguities regarding a legendary God/man of 2000 years ago.



In York's premise that there were/are 3 Jesus' he relies heavily on the Christian bible as his sole source, yet contradicts the validity of this source.

"First you have Yashua'a Bar Miryam and Gabriy'El, or Jesus the son of Mary and [Gabriel]. Then you have Simon the son of Jesus and Mary Magdalene; and finally you have Jesus Justus, also known as Cleophas who was the son of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra daughter of Ptolemy XII"

-Malachi York: Jesus as Tammuz and Horus in History pg. 33




"...the scriptures that you hold in your hand today, are NOT divinely inspired. They have been tampered with and you would be a fool to swear by it, the old testament contradicts itself and the new testament and the Qur'an vice versa".

-Maklachi York: The Degree of Christ-ism


We Completely And Categorically Reject All Myths, Fictions, Religions And Lies That Have Not Been Proven. That Would Include Your Heavens, Your Hells, Your Fire And Brimstones, Your Horn And Pitchfork Devils, Your Winged Angels And Your Old Man God Character Sitting On A Throne Up There Somewhere. We Deal Strictly With Facts. If You Can't Prove It We Don't Want To Hear It, That Doesn't Mean We Won't Listen To You, Just Don't Expect Us To Accept Your Beliefs By Virtue Of A Title Such As Reverend, Pastor, Deacon, Imaam, Shaykh, Rabbi, Minister, Theologian, Etc. That Is Your Sensationalism And We Deal With Just The Facts.

-Malachi York: The Holy Tabernacle's Guide For Better Living Purity And Neatness And Maintenance Of Health pg. 32.


York even claimed that Jesus was "Horus and Tammuz" yet there are NO stories from any ancient primary sources provided by York substantiating such a theory.


How is it possible that Jesus is Tammuz and Horus yet have images that York says are of their true likeness when they look totally different?  It's inconsistent and ridiculous gimmicks like these that York used to lock his followers into his false belief systems.

On the reality of whether "Jesus" existed or not, York is unsure and subconsciously has his cult members drawing off faith rather than facts. 


"In fact, there has been NO REAL evidence that supports that a Jesus, as taught to be Christ and all of it's stories were ever proven to exist.  No man has been recorded to have lived that life style and died this way-no proof at all only what Christians themselves' claim...there is NO REAL concrete evidence of the Christian god, man or spirit incarnation to have been proven to be fact."

-Malachi York: Is Jesus God? pg. 2




"...what better way to eliminate Ha Mashiakh, Al Masih, the Messiah than to make one think that he does not exist. Well, he does. THE YASHU'A, ISA, HARU, TAMMUZ, JESUS OF 2000 YEARS AGO IS REAL. HE'S REAL!!! "

-Malachi York: Is it Black Man's Christianity or White Man's Christianity? pg. 359


How can York's words have any validity or factual authenticity, it's an oxymoron to do such a thing. The Nuwaupians have to rely on FAITH when applying York's theology, and even within that, York leaves them in a world full of contradictions and inconsistencies,


"I will follow the Lamb in true FAITH; our savior, the man of the times, Dr. Malachi Z. York, forerunner of the real Messiah."

-Malachi York: The Baptism Ceremony 




"...that's why I teach you to have FACTS because by having FAITH it isolates the ability to question."

-Malachi York: The Degree of Christ-ism pg. 433




"The FAITHFUL go to ANU, but the Kaafiruwna, those who conceal what they knoweth to me true, go to Haylal, that cursed have FAITH in ANU who is the essence, and ever present soul , and ruler of all the good making you an Eloh.  But to have such faith, and yet not commit one's self to an association of bretheren of like faith, prove such a lack of discipline as required...The name of the kingdom for them that profess their faith in ANU but are without practice, they shall be called HYPOCRITES; and their place shall be in the first place removal from the planet earth."

-Malachi York: The Holy Tablets, Chapter 10 Tablet 39:14-38




 "FAITH is ignorance, right knowledge is to know..."

-Malachi York: Elohim (video) 1991 Monticello, New York


So York's followers are no better than the Christians, Hebrews or Muslims they attack by hurling insults at them labeling them "religious fools" who live by faith and not the facts, or that "religion breeds ignorance".  If religion breeds ignorance as Malachi York says and taught, then why would he contradicts that by telling his cult members, the Nuwaupians, that they (Nuwaupians) need religion?


"So I ask the question again, does religion breed ignorance?  The answer is definitely YES."

-Malachi York: Does Religion Breed Ignorance? pg. 116




"You Need Religion Because, You Were Ruled By Beings And On Your Own You Don't Function Well. You're Not Responsible. You Need Discipline".

-Malachi York: Man From Planet Rizq pg. 120



Nuwaupians have to face this painful reality regarding York and his inconsistencies.  Hopefully they'll seek professional psychological help to assist in curing the mental disorder called Nuwaupianism.