Ask The Nuwaupians, is the name or title Neter A'aferti found on any ancient Egyptian text, carving, wall or papyrus ?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, is the name or title Neter A'aferti  found on any ancient Egyptian text, carving, wall or papyrus ?

Answer: They'll refer to Malachi York's words or his books to support a belief in Neter: A'aferti Atum-Re.




Those in the Nuwaupian religious cult are well known for accepting and propagating anything York says or writes.  This includes the strange tittle York attributed to himself as leader of the Nuwaupians, "A'aferti".

York has boasted that he is a Pharaoh called "Neter: A'aferti Atum-RE", yet he has never given any evidence nor any linguistic demonstrations supporting the definition of the name A'aferti.  In reading York's books, it's clear that York had not even the slightest knowledge of Mdw-nTr.  York has NEVER taught a class where he demonstrates an ability to read or write the Kemet language of mdw-nTr as he's done with the Arabic language.

Let's look at this word A'aferti to show you how York was deceptive and relied heavily on trust from his followers, a trust that they would NEVER ask him to translate an ancient Egyptian text.  Knowing this, York could say and write anything and it's accepted without questions of doubt or skepticism.



This is as far as York will go to explain the meaning of the term.  


 In multiple publications from York, he never gives a full explanation of this term A'aferti nor a break down of it's origins and how Pharaoh is supposed to have derived from it.  York has made many claims to have translated...

"...I translated El Katub Shil El Mawut, (The Book Of The Dead) The Book Of The Coming Forth Day commonly called the Egyptian Book of the Dead..." 

-Malachi York: Was Adam Black Or White? pg. 3


With a claim of translating an ancient Kemety (Egyptian) text yet unable to explain the origins of your tittle , one can only conclude that it was all deception.  Claiming to read and translate the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics by gazing at them does not constitute any scholarly work. Below we see York gazing at mdw-nTr.

Please note that York has NEVER referred to the ancient Egyptian language as the ancient Kemety "Egyptians" referred to it as Mdw nTr, not even one book mentions mdw-nTr.

In Kemet, rulers are called /n(y) swt bity/ , people generally spell it Nysut Bity.  

/pr aA/ is what the word actually is in mdw-nTr.   A'aferti is a reverse of /pr aA/ "Per Ah".   /pr aA/ means "great house",  the great house included the King and his administration.  So by the late period of Kemet - the King was also called Per Ah, this is where they get "Pharaoh".  Pharaoh is a Greek transcription of the Kemety word /pr aA/.  So A'aferti is Per Ah in reverse and NOT the tittle of any ruler, King or Governor at any period of ancient Kemet "Egypt".  

This is the Kemety medut /pr aA/ where the word "Pharaoh" comes from:,


York has NEVER demonstrated anything like this nor cited it.  York came with a bogus tittle "A'aferti" as he set up another sect within his religious cult of Nuwaupians, making equally bogus claims of translating Egyptian hieroglyphics and Sumerian cuneiform, but never once offering PROOF of such an ability that he taught was to help the people. That within it's self is inconsistent because he said and wrote that his doctrine is to help people by "breaking the spell" and in that doctrine put's an emphasis on ancient languages, yet he would rather deceive the followers by making phony claims related to the ancient Egyptian language (Mdw-nTr) as well the Sumerian language (Eme-gir).  When questioning the Nuwaupian cult members, keep the following words of York in mind and ALWAYS request that they give you evidence that is verifiable and NOT just the empty claims of York that Nuwaupians teach.


"I'm not talking about a weak doctrine with no proof, that won't help our people..."

-Malachi York: Ancient Egypt and the Pharaohs pg. 2


"When You Begin To Investigate Each Of These Names And Investigate The Leaders And Their Knowledge Of The Language Of The Groups Which They Say They Belong; You'd Find Charlatans, Hypocrites, And Just Down Right Phonies; They Are Star Struck. It's Just Another Way Of Performing Before A Large Crowd, Feeling Important, Massaging Their Own Ego. It's The "Look Important" Syndrome. You Don't Need That Anymore; You Need The Facts. You Need Your Leaders To Do Research And To Back Up Everything They Say With Documents, Not Just Words That Sound Good. Make Them Produce Documents To Prove It With Ancient Documents, Pictures, Slabs, Tablets, Carvings, Engravings, Records, Documents, And Scriptures. You'll Find In Most Cases They Can't Do It."

-Malachi York: Let's Set The Record Straight pages 2-3


This quote is very profound, because York has to include of himself in all of the above. Below is York leading his Nuwaupian cult members in a pilgrimage to the George Washington Monument during the summer of 2000 in Washington D.C.