Ask The Nuwaupians, Has Malachi York's Teachings Involving Mdw-nTr (Egyptian Language) and Eme.gir (Sumerian Language) Ever Been Debunked?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, Has Malachi York's Teachings Involving Mdw-nTr (Egyptian Language) and Eme.gir (Sumerian Language) Ever Been Debunked?

Answer: Nuwaupians have a shared ignorance of Mdw-nTr and Eme.gir thanks to Malachi York, who himself had no knowledge of either.


The reason this question is being asked and up for debate is because for many years York boasted about his ability to readwrite and speak several ancient languages e.g. ancient Egyptian, Sumerian, and Hebrew to name a few.  York has given lectures on his ability to read, write and speak Arabic, however there's NEVER been any demonstration of an ability to read, write and speak Mdw-nTr, Eme-gir (Sumerian) or Eme-sal  (Feminine Sumerian).  In fact there exist NO book, lecture on audio or video that has York ever even using the words mdw-nTr nor eme.gir. 


Dwight "Malachi" York has been very successful in dodging the issue of his education, partly because his followers has never pressed the issue and took him at his limited words on the subject.  York made brief commentaries on his education, but outside of his words, he has never shown any documentation where an independent observer could verify. York has not shown any school year book photo's, either Elementary, Jr. High, High school nor Collage. He says he went to school in New Jersey,

"I spent my adolescent years in Teaneck, New Jersey with my maternal aunts at 245 Coolidge Avenue and attended Teaneck Junior High School, a local school".

-The Ansaar Cult, Rebuttal to the Slanderers pg. 58  


His education has NEVER been verified,  his education couldn't be fully challenged at his trial because he refused to testify in his defense. It was mentioned at a pretrial hearing as to whether he should even be referred to as "doctor" , but being there's NO records of any University Doctorates, that idea was abandoned.  It can't be emphasized enough that York has NEVER demonstrated ANY ability to translate nor transliterate mdw-nTr (Egyptian Language), Eme.gir (Sumerian),  Akkadian (Semitic),  Hebrew (Yiddish), Latin or Greek as he's done with scripts from the Muslim Qur'an.


Transliteration and Translation:

Gilgamec Epic (Gilgames and the Netherworld) tablet 10 Sumerian Transliteration:

172. gis e. kid? e[a....d]

173. dam nagar.ra / 

174. dumu nagar.ra

175. gis ellag. [mu] u mu.da.sub

176. gis mu.da.sub /

177. inim mu. [ni.ib.gi4gi4]


Gilgamesh Epic (Gilgamesh and the Netherworld) tablet 10 English Translation:

172. On that day, if only my ball had stayed for me in the carpenter's house

173. O carpenter's wife, like a mother to me If only it had stayed there

174. O carpenter's wife daughter, like a little sister to me if only it had stayed there

175. My ball has fallen down to the Netherworld, who will bring it up to me

176. My mallet has fallen down to Ganzir, who will bring it up to me

177. His servant Enkidu answered [Gilgamesh]

-Transliteration and translations by Aaron Shaffer, Professor of Assyriology in The Chicago Oriental Institute 


In York's book, "Is Jesus God?" he makes the following statements.

"Ques: Why didn't the Elohyeem want you to read from all of the Sacred Scriptures (Stones)?

Ans: They saw what man could become and how he transgressed this commandment.  Even today man has further regressed from being a child of INA-ANUN.NA.QI and INA-U.SHUM.GAL, Elohyeem "Gods, Judges, Angels" to nearing Homo Erectus, the being man was before combining the DNA by setting up groupings of corpuscles of the INA-ANUN.NA.QI, Ha-Elohyeem, or The Gods creating man in their image and likeness to make Homo Sapien.  Genesis 1:27. Now, here is this same quote taken from the Sumerian Tablets according to the Sumerian Bible: 'so Enqi: NU.DIM.MUD of INA-ANUN.NAQI appointed NIN.TI, who through in-vitro fertilization pro-created ADAMU, homo sapiens, an earthling to look like themselves, saurians, that is to look like INA-ANUN.NAQI, the results of the Adamites' cloning.  ENQI: NU.DIM.MUD and NIN.TI formed them, living as ZIKAR (male) and living as SIN.NIS (female) and called them collectively Adamites.' taken from The Sumerian Bible by Dr. Malachi York 33/720 ISBN 1-59517-830".

-Malachi York: Is Jesus God pg. 23

The above quote is full of lies and delusional interpretations, mixed fantasy and deception in an effort to give a validity to his doctrine and a legitimacy to himself thus proselytizing those who may fall for the lies.  If that's not bad enough, make note of how York has the audacity to cite The Sumerian Bible, a book he authored which he mentions as evidence and authority to corroborate his own words. This would constitute a slippery slope into a world of oxymora.


York has been very successful in maintaining this sort of deception for many years by giving his followers skewed or fraudulent language assertions that were unsupported with independent linguistic expertise, verified or substantiated unless from his books.  Regarding the use of the term Tempt-ta, "the ALL" York claims that it's the ancient Egyptian term for "El Kuluwm", the ALL and that's a blatant lie.


Example 1.

Malachi York's Trick Knowledge (Right Knowledge):

"The Heavenly Father was not not born, can't become less than KULUWM and KULUWM in Moorish Arabic and in ANCIENT EGIPT it is TEMT-TA "all", the spirit force of invisibility to the human eye. No physical man has or can see him, or his full glory..."

-Malachi York: Is Jesus God? pg. 133 


This is an overt distortion of truth which amounts to a bold face lie.  Naturally York gives his readers NO PROOF, NO EXAMPLES and NO IMAGES corroborating those assertions.   Temt-ta can be used to denote "all", but NOT in the context York was explaining it.  Using E. A. Wallis Budge's book An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary Vol. Two, York deceived his followers into believing that "TEMT-TA" is the ancient Egyptian word for Kuluwm, and it's just not true.  With York using that to support his idea that Temt-ta means the "all", is proof,confirmation and evidence that he's UNFAMILIAR with the grammatical structure of mdw-nTr and shows that he doesn't have a clue on what he's talking about nor the Nuwaupians who follow him.

The word is not "Temt-ta" its actually /dmD.ty/, proof of this is if you notice in the following image, Budge uses a "T" with a dot under it, indicating that it's really a "D", /dmD/ and means "total". The "ta" is really the /ty/ ending, making it a "nisbe"  forming the meaning "that which is the total" or entire.  


Here's a better image



Look again at the picture from Budge's book, the "A" has a dot above it indicating that it's really an "I".  There's nothing wrong with using it to say "all", but not as a God or deity period.  It's a word talking about all of something, the total, i.e. "all of the people", "all of the money" ,"all of the food" , "the total amount", therefore you CAN add to the amount or subtract from it.  Using Temt-ta as a description for "El Kuluwm" the "All" would contradict his very concept of the word when York says,

"you can't add to all, where would you get it and you can't take from tall, where would you put it?"  

The closest term by definition in mdw-nTr  would be, Nebertcher which was used for that purpose and Neber'cher are really 3 words, /nb r Dr/ 

1) /nb/ = possessor,

2) /r/ = with respect to 

3) /Dr/ = limit,


"/nb r Dr/" = the possessor with respect to the limit or Lord of the limit.  Nebertcher is a word to denote an owner of everything within a boundary, It's applied to a Supreme deity because it possesses all within the universe.

In York's fabricated language he called "Nuwaupic", he would add the word "Pa" a definite article "the", to create the bogus term, "Pa Temt-ta" = El Kuluwm (The All), and this too was a BOLD FACE  lie.


-Malachi York: Let's Set The Records Straight pg. 434


Nuwuapians use /pa/ for "the" and then they talk about predynastic this or that or they talk about invaders this or that, but "Pa" was NOT used until the Late Egyptian period during the Ptolemies and Roman occupation, this is further evidence that they, York and the Nuwaupians, are clueless about mdw-nTr, or what they're talking about, using Egyptian signs and symbols with no knowledge of any of them nor how to apply them linguistically in a sentence.


pa/ denotes masculine and /ta/ is feminine,  e.g. /ta sonet/ = the sister,  /pa- son/ = the brother.  There was no word "Pa" in the middle Egyptian time period, NO definite article, but York conveniently left that major fact out./



/Pa/ Anunnaqi is NOT in mdw-nTr

-Malachi York: Let's Set The Records Straight pg. 435

 Clearly anyone can see from the above that it's NOT mdw-nTr nor is there an Egyptian word "Anunnaqi".  

For the sake of clarity, Anunnaqi, as used by York is a corruption of the eme.gir (Sumerian) word Anuna.  The Sumerian tradition has many different names for their various deity groupings. 

1. D-Anun-na, ―the gods of the netherworld

2.―the great gods, 

3. Dingir-an-na, ―the gods of the sky,

4. Dingirkia, ―the gods of the earth,

5. Dingir-an-ki-a, ―the gods from the earth and the sky,

6. Dingir-kur-kur-ra, ―the gods of foreign lands, 

7. Dinger-hur-sag-ga, ―the gods of the mountains, 

8. Dingir-sar-sar-ra, ―the uncountable gods,

9. Dingir-ki-lagaski-a, ―the gods from the region of Lagas. 

d-anuna as a Sumerian cuneiform sign  is the same for sky, heaven or deity, Anu also bares this sign as does EACH deity singularity and collectively as D-Anuna.  It's used in the preposition as a determinative (classifier) before divine names as the chart below shows.  

This is something York should have known or at best informed his followers of.

York claimed to have been "born speaking 19 languages",


from his writing and words from his mouth, , Mdw-nTr, Eme.girAkkadian, Hebrew, Latin, Greek can't be included in that 19. 

We can go on and on showing York's ignorance of mdw-nTr and Eme.gir.  Claiming to have translated various ancient text's because he spoke those languages are simply lies. This post has debunked any notions that York knew, spoke or wrote mdw-nTr  or eme.gir.

In mdw-nTr there's a word to best describe York and his pseudo linguistic expertise, and that word is,