Ask The Nuwaupians, Is It A Verifiable Fact That A Female Scientist Named Ninti Was Breeding With Chimpanzees And Gibbons To Make Humans As Malachi York Claims?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, Is It A Verifiable Fact That A Female Scientist Named Ninti Was Breeding With Chimpanzees And Gibbons To Make Humans As Malachi York Claims?

Answer: Extra ordinary claims, requires extra ordinary evidence.



This is one of the silliest claims of York, a claim that Nuwaupians in 2016 are still pushing. By using the pseudo scholarship from Zecharia Sitchin's "Earth Chronicles" series, York would release a book he called "The Sacred Records of Atum-Re (The Black Book), where he states that Ninti (of Sumerian, Akkadian and Babylonian literature), that she mated with primates to bring about the creation of human slaves, and yes, those slaves are the early "blacks" of ancient Sumer.


York writes;


Question: I See Genus Homo And Homo Erectus, Where Does Homo Sapien Come In?

95.) 450,000 Years Ago, Another Group Of Beings, Called The Neteraat, Or Anunnaqi, Led By Enqi Arrived On Earth In Search Of Gold To Mend Their Planet's Ozone Layer. Crafts With Loads Of Workers Were Sent To Mine The Gold To Take To Their Planet.  This Work Became Tiresome For The Neteraat, And They Decided To Create A Being For The Purpose Of Working The Mines For Them.  So Enqi Choice A Being That Already Existed On This Planet To Do The Labor.

Question: How Did Enqi Go About Performing This Task?

96.) Enqi Chose Mother Ninti, The Wisest Scientist And Geneticist To Breed The Homo Erectus, With The Genes Of A Neteraat, To Speed Up It's Evolution.  This Was Done By What Is Called Genetic Manipulation Today.  Ninti Took The Blood, Which Carried The Genes Of A Neteraat And Mixed It With 14 Females Of The Erectus State Of Evolution.  However, The A-Sexual Trait From The Reptilian In Them Still Dominated, Making Them Unable To Procreate On Their Own.  So Ninti CHOSE TO BREED WITH LARES, The Simians, (Intelligent Ape People, Whose Queen Was Zira), As Opposed To The Aqins, (The Evil Lares), Whose King Was Shitar.  SHE ALSO BRED WITH THE CHIMPANZEE AND GIBBON, Who Were Recognized For Their Intelligence.  These Breeds Gave Birth To Many Defected Beings, Some Born With Hair All Over Their Body, Called Hirsutism, Or Scales Over Their Body, Called Ichthyosis, Or With Very Large Heads, Called Hydrocephalic, Or Lupus, Leprosy, Gigantism, Just To Name A Few.  Many Deformities, Genetic Deficiencies And Chromosome Distortions, Which Results In Such Things As Siamese Twins, Are A Result Of This Original Cross Breeding Of Different Species.  You Actually have In Some Human Bodies, Cells Attacking Other Cells, Which Is A Result Of Genes From Different Species Fighting To Protect Themselves The Same Thing Happens When The Sperm Of A Man Enters A Woman's Body.  Her Body Naturally Fights It Because It Is Alien To Her Body.

-Sacred Records Of Atume-Re (The Black Book) 95-96 pg. 40


Here you can see where York writes that Ninti chose to "breed" with spacific apes and monkeys, the "Chimpanzee", Lars" and the "Gibbon", (Lar is a type of Gibbon). 




As usual, York offers NO EVIDENCE of this, just his empty claims, and that's what his cult group the Nuwaupians continues to teach.  With a little research, you'll find out that this story was taken and (corrupted) from a Mesopotamian creation and flood myth known as the Atrahasis.




Atrahasis: Epic 1, lines 224-247 (Akkadian Transliteration)


224. im-in u2-di-li-ia ūmu da'mu-nig2-bii-lu a-wi-lum-at-na-nap-hur-ili

225. dnin-tu gul\-la-/me-en\dāmu

226. ud nu-gul-la ḫi-li amēlu-nu-til-la

227. ĝiš-ta-škarin\-gin7 ba?-sag9-ga-me-eš i3-[sag3]-ge-de3-[en-de3-en]

228. gun3- zumru-i3--/ge\-de3-en-de3-en

229. alan-gin7 kuš3-kuš3-a de2-a-me-eš i3-[sag3]-/ge\-de3-en-de3-en

230. [gu]-ti-umki lu2 ḫa-lam-ma-ke4 me-ze2-er-ze2-re-ne

231. [a-a] [d]en-ki-ra abzu eridugki-še3 šu-a ba-en-de3-en-gi4

232. a-na im-me-en-da-na a-na bi2-in-taḫ-e-da-na

233. digi-gu-bi2-in-taḫ-e-da-na

234. em-da-sar-im-ni-sa-harda-na

235. bu-ma-mi-da-na ĝissu ba-X-mu

236. danu-na-ku-gal-ud-de3 ba-ra-an-tuku

237. ud-da gub dnin-tu ud nu šu ba-ni-ti-en-de3-en

238. ĝi6-da gub u3 nu-ku-me-au2-guhabātu-me-a a-na

239. den-ki-ke4 uru2-zu nam ḫa-ba-da-an-kud ki-erim2-e ḫa-ba-an-šum2

240. me-en-de3-/en\ta ĝal2-la-da a-na-aš mu-e-de3-la2-e-ne?

241. šu nu-dug4-ga-me-a a-na-aš mu-e-gul-gul-lu-ne

242. ĝišma2 gibil-gin7 sa bil2-la2 nu-ak-e a-na-aš mu-e-ze2-er-ze2-re-ne

243. den-ki-ke4 igi-ni erin2-saĝ-ra-ba

244. nam-tag dugud-da-ke4 ĝiš ḫul mu-un-ne-tag

245. ba-da-an-zig3-ge-eš-a ildum2-ba mu-un-sa4?-eš

246. ga-ta ĝiri3 kur2 šumu-ma-mi

247. nun-na šumu-Be-let-kala-ili


English Translation:


224.) On the first, seventh, and fifteenth days of the month, he established a purification, a bath. They slaughtered Aw-ilu, who had the inspiration, in their assembly.

225.) Nintu mixed clay with his flesh and blood.

226.) That same god and man were thoroughly mixed in the clay.

227.) For the rest of the time they would hear the drum.

228.) From the flesh of the god the spirit remained.

229.) It would make the living know its sign.

230.) Lest he be allowed to be forgotten, the spirit remained.

231.) After she had mixed the clay,

232.) She summoned the Anunna, the great gods.

233.) The Igigi, the great gods, 

234.) spat upon the clay.

235.) Mami made ready to speak,

236.) And said to the great gods:

237.) You ordered me the task and I have completed it!

238.) You have slaughtered the god, 

239.) Along with his inspiration.

240.) I have done away with your heavy forced labor,

241.) I have imposed your drudgery on man.

242.) You have bestowed clamor upon mankind. 

243.) I have released the yoke, I have made restoration."

244.) They heard this speech of hers,

245.) They ran, free of care, and kissed her feet, saying:

246.) Formerly we used to call you Mami [Nintu]

247.) Now let your name be Belet-kala-ili. (Mistress of the Gods.)


-Assyryologist: Albert T. Clay



As you can see from the text, Ninti mixed the clay with the flesh and blood of a SLAUGHTERED "AW.ILU" , then she called dAnuna (Anunnaki) and (great igigi) spat on it, then "Mami" spoke on how they wanted it, and Mami completed the task.  They killed a fellow Anunnaki to release the Igigi from the burdens of hard labore, forces upon them by the Anunnaki.  There's not a single reference to "gold mining", "speeding up evolution", "14 females in the erectus state", no Monkeys, Chimps, primates none of that anywhere.  York was plagiarizing Zecharia Sitchin's pseudo archaeology; he took parts from Sitchin's books, added his own spin and published his versions for a high price, but then that's what it was all about, revenue for York.  


From that same quote from "The Black Book" pg. 40, York makes an add comment, "intelligent ape people, whose queen was ZIRA".  It's obvious that York must have had the 1968 movie "The Planet of the Apes" on his mind when he wrote "intelligent ape people, whose queen was Zira " in that movie, an intelligen ape, "female" and a medical scientist, her name just happens to be, "ZIRA".   

The also demonstrates how York will say and write anything, and because Nuwaupians will blindly follow without question, that faith and blindness from Nuwaupians benefited York monetaraly.