Ask The Nuwaupians, Is Mdw-nTr (Metu Neter) , Mother Nature as Malachi York Taught His Followers?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, Is Mdw-nTr (Metu Neter) , Mother Nature as Malachi York Taught His Followers?

Answer: Nuwaupians are dumbfounded and clueless.

This is another claim by Malachi York and his followers paraded as truth.  In playing the phonetics game, York has the Nuwaupians believing and teaching that the ancient Egyptian word, "mdw-nTr" is where the word "Mother Nature" comes, he writes;

"Why does Mother Nature sound so much like Metu Neter?

128.) Because it was borrowed from Shu, and her was borrowed from Heru, so also Metu Neter comes from Ma "water" Ta "earth" and Neter, from NaTaRa meaning "guardian" or Mother Nature, Ma-other."

 -The Sacred Records of Neter: A'aferti Atum-Re (The Black Book) pg. 51

This is a hot mess, wrong and ridiculous on so many levels.  York claims that the word "Metu" comes from two words, "Ma" which he said means "water" and "Ta" which he says means "Earth." That's wrong.  


Although the word /mw/ 'mu' in ancient Egyptian means "water, fluids" and /tA/ 'ta' means "land, earth" in ancient Egyptian, these words are NOT found within the word Metu at all.  There is a single glyph that represents the word Metu and it is a walking staff.  This glyph is called a biliteral and stands for two consonants /md/ 'med' and it means "word."  This word is made plural as /mdw/ and means "words."   Below is the sign for nTr-mdw, which is Mdw-nTr, the nTr is put first for honorific transposition, the ancients always put words of the divine first, this phrase shows the honorific transposition of the nTr glyph. it's known as mdw-nTr, (Divine Speech).



Here's a honorific transposition that everyone should be familiar with.  The name for King Tutankhamen, It's written in glyphs like "Amun Tut Ankh" because any word representing divinity is given honor and transposed to the front of the word, ONLY in WRITING not when it's spoken.  So we say "Tut Ankh Amen" but its spelled or seen in the glyths as "Amen Tut Ankh".

The comments from York are simply wrong and it is clear that he doesn't know what homonyms are; they're words that sound alike but have different meanings and aren't the same words.  Even with that, the word "Metu" doesn't not sound like Ma-Ta as he implies either. Simplistically, here's why York is wrong on so many levels, let's summarize:

1. Metu does not sound like Ma-Ta, you would have to stretch your imagination for that one.

2 - Metu is one word, not two.

3 - Metu does not have the words Ma (water) or Ta (earth) in the word at all.

4 - The glyphs for Metu are not the same as the glyphs for water, earth, or mother.


 York made this up completely.