Ask The Nuwaupians: How Can They Compare York 's Contributions Against Those Of Marcus Garvey Or The Honorable Elijah Muhammad?

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Question:  Ask The Nuwaupians: How Can They Compare Malachi York's Financial Contributions Against Those Of Marcus Garvey Or The Honorable Elijah Muhammad?

Answer: They'll cite his books and his 476 acres of land with Egyptian style buildings on only 19 acres of it.


Frequently York's cult members will exaggerate York's accomplishments be they financial, intellectual or architectural, matching him against other leaders past and present. The most prominent rhetoric used by Nuwaupians is York's alleged authorship of 4 to 500 books or the former dairy farm he purchased in the early 1990's which he would transform into an Egyptian like "NeverLand" ranch similar to the entertaining oasis of Michael Jackson.


York never produced any foods, goods or services from that land nor did he author over 400 books! Here's a short list of some accomplishments by 2 individuals compared to York's.


Marcus Garvey:

1. Between 1918 and the early 1920's, Garvey's headquarters in New York City sprouted a large assortment of UNIA businesses. The Black Star Line shipping Company was incorporated in 1919. The Negro Factories Corporation followed not long afterward. Then came;

Universal Laundries

- The Universal Millinery Store

- The Universal Restaurants

- The Universal Grocery Stores

- The Universal Tailoring Establishment

- The Universal Doll Factory


2. In 1919 the Negro Factories Corporation, a branch of the UNIA, generated income and provided jobs for blacks with its numerous enterprises. These included a chain of grocery stores , restaurants, steam laundry, tailor shop, dress making shop, millinery store, publishing house, and a doll factory.

3. The UNA in New York had by the first half of 1920 acquired three buildings, one parking lot and two trucks, and its weekly media - The Negro World. In the latter part of the 1920s Mr. Garvey was contemplating a large bank. At that time The UNIA and its allied corporations in the United States employed several hundred workers, owned considerable amounts of property, and local business ventures.

4. Perhaps the largest endeavor of the UNIVERSAL NEGRO IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION (UNIA,) was the Black Star Steamship Line, an enterprise intended to provide a means for African Americans to return to Africa while also enabling black people around the Atlantic to exchange goods and services. The company’s three ships (one called the SS Frederick Douglass) were owned and operated by black people and made travel and trade possible between their United States, Caribbean, Central American, and African stops. The economically independent Black Star Line was a symbol of pride for blacks and seemed to attract more members to the UNIA.


5. Garvey lived in Costa Rica, years before he started the impressive adventure of organizing the Universal Negro Improvement Association U.N.I.A. In Limon, he founded "The Nation" a local black awareness newspaper. In later years Garvey visited Costa Rica on several occasions to the delight of huge crowds of devoted followers. At its best, the Costa Rican Chapter of the UNIA boasted over 20,000 members which meant in practice that there was not a black family in the province of Limon that was not associated directly or indirectly with the Garvey movement.

 6. In 1922 the Costa Rican Chapter of the UNIA built the Liberty Hall, on land donated to the Black Community by the Costa Rican government.

 7. UNIA established over nine hundred divisions and chapters that operated in the United States, Canada, the British Isles, Africa, the Caribbean, and Central and South America

8. The UNIA charter of incorporation promised to serve the development of its members' "mental and physical culture." When Garvey settled down to organizing the UNIA in New York, he immediately promoted what he termed "social uplift work." He proposed the erection of a $200,000 building in Harlem to be, in his words, "the source from which we will train and educate our people to those essentials that will make them a more cultured and better race."

9. At Edelweiss Park, the UNIA headquarters in Jamaica, Garvey added an amphitheater for large musical programs and promenade concerts, which were in addition to the usual UNIA agenda of political meetings, inspirational lectures, recitations, elocution contests, and historical pageants. As a result, the UNIA in Jamaica exerted a powerful formative influence on the evolution of popular theater.

10. UNIA owned office buildings.

11. The UNIA bought an auditorium in New York, where he usually spoke called Liberty Hall.

12. By 1922 Marcus Garvey organization had 5 million members.

14. Marcus Garvey also started his own political party, and he named it the Peoples Political Party.



The Honorable Elijah Muhammad:


1. Owned restaurants (Salaam Restaurant)

2. Purchased Two Private Jets

3. Developed The Nation Of Islam's Imported Fish program which imported more than 3 million pounds of fish monthly from Peru making the NOI the largest importers of fish in North America at that time. The Muslim fish program provided more than 500 full time jobs for black people in NYC alone!

4. Developed a printing press and it's own newspaper (Muhammad Speaks)

5. Owned office building in Chicago

6. Built a University called, "Muhammad University"

7. Established farmland with livestock and vegetable cultivation in various states

8. Built a bank (Guaranty National Bank and Trust Company)

9. Private home construction and Acquisitions

10. Multiple real estate purchases

11. Built clothing factories

12. Established import and export businesses

13. Established international business league formations

14. Developed shipping on land, air and sea




On the issue of York's property, 476 acres he called, "Tamare", was a money making gimmick designed to sell books and other paraphernalia.  York did NOT employ anyone, he requested that followers volunteer and travel to Eatonton, GA to work and help build his artificial paper mache "Egyptian styled" amusement park for free and stay NOT on the 476 acer land, but that those volunteers seek arrangements with other cult members who lived in apartments or houses in GA. to allow them a place to stay until the work was completed.

York directed the male followers who lived on his property to live in a muggy roachrat and ant infested two level "Barn" sleeping on "bunkbeds" where they worked from the dawn to night "shadow hours" with ZERO pay, medical coverage, dental coverage, life insurance, retirement benefits, nothing but working in the service of York and his visions.  Many of these men would discreetly beg other cult members who visited the property on Saturday's and Sunday's for money.  Food was scarce, men were living separate in a dormitory style from their girlfriends, wives and/or children.

York separated the male and female children from their parents, removed them from public school and unceremoniously evicted those who wanted to attend a public school. The women and children living on York's property at 404 Shadydale rd. Eatonton, Georgia (Tamare) suffered the most, poor diet, an inability to make money for themselves or their children, they even had to fill out forms to get the basics e.g. "sanitation napkins, shoes, nutritious food".  The filthy living conditions on York's property was made public in court testimony,

Q. In building 103 that you stayed in, what were the living conditions like?

Nichole Lopez: The conditions when we first started living there were sort of okay, before we moved down, Doc told us that the previous owners had asked him if he wanted to extend the sewer because there was an old barn that he changed to a house, [the men's house] but Doc NEVER had it extended and as more people arrived, we started having sewer problems, 20-30 or more people living in a two story house. The tiles fell apart, the carpet had to be pulled up, there was no stove when we moved there, just a small food warmer.

As we stayed longer, it became really bad.  It reached a point that the sewer would just overflow, there wasn't a tub, but there was a shower stall. After a couple of years, one of the brothers did install a tub, but one room was unlivable because of sewer water was constantly coming up.  It was so bad that you had to climb over and try to jump to the staircase.  Most of the toilets didn't work, which had people using places other than toilets to relieve themselves.

Q. Was this building 103 where the girls lived?

Nichole Lopez: Well at one point some of them did live there, at one point it was mostly kids and adults, or adults with their smallest children and some of the "Banaats".

Q. What was the house called that the girls lived separately?

Nichole Lopez: The girls house.

Q. What were the conditions like in that house?

Nichole Lopez: The trailers that those girls lived in were the same trailers that were moved from Upstate, New York, so they were already in bad condition, run down and messed up!  When I moved with the girls, there was a hole in the floor in the kitchen, the refrigerator didn't work, the food had to be stored in the sun room to keep cold, so a lot of food spoiled,  and we had a mice and roach problem. 

Q. What type of food was there that went bad?

Nichole Lopez: There was beans, rice, sometimes there were potatoes, cream cheese and eggs.  They tried to keep the children eating 3 meals a day and the adults twice a day but there were times when we didn't have food.  There was an incident in 103 where Yvonne Powell had to put an onion in some water, boil it and share with the children, we had to wait till the kids ate to see if there was any extra's because we didn't have any food.

-Nichole Lopez January 2004


The women and children just as the men living on York's property did NOT have access to medical, dental, or life insurance, no bank accounts, savings/retirement plans, nothing but household chores, working in the Tamare office, book and sewing department.   

Finally, several children of course were sexually abused on and off the property.  Clearly York's infamous accomplishments pale in comparison to the nobel works of Marcus Garvey and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad just to name a couple.


Taken from a comment made in the Facebook group, "The Nuwaupian Debate Forum", a York doctrine supporter writes,

<< Dr. Malachi Z. York never compared himself to other black leaders >>

This is false, there are several audio, video and publications where York disparages other leaders and compares his works and teachings to be the answer that will save "Nuwaubians".  Here is evidence in one of those publications, the Holy Tablets.


You be the judge.