Ask The Nuwaupians About Paa Balagh? Part One:

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians About Paa Balagh?

Answer: They'll say Paa Balagh means the message.



This is part one in a short series that will address and debunk the inconsistent, unverifiable and flat out lies coming from this Nuwaupian booklet.  The constant in all Nuwaupian literature authored or attributed to Malachi York is the lack of evidence, accuracy and truth.

Part of the word "balagh" may be appropriate because it can easily be made to form, "laugh"  "lagh"  by conjugating the"u" to produce, "la[u]gh" "laugh" thus the nonsense presented in that booklet is truly laughable if it's taken to be factual. For the sake of clarity, it needs to be debunked and/or shown it's 
lack of credibility in it's avoidance of historical proof.






What's important to note here is that York gives his readers NO evidence to support these claims. He and they have had success lecturing and making these sorts of comments which were built on vague assumptions, religious conjecture or random lies, and all of the above fits within the deception category.



There was NO man named or called "Nimrod/Nu-Marad" in Sumer as York claims, that is a lie.  Relying on old biblical tales without historical confirmation helps to demonstrate York's true intent.  The ancient Sumerians left a King's list of all their rulers and you will never find Nimrod there.  The following is the Kings list and the years they ruled.  Ask the Nuwaupians to show you an ancient Sumerian Kings list that has Nimrod existing and evidence outside the bible and York's interpretations that supports the stories.




-ETCSL (The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature) Oxford University



There's nothing in existence to support York's ridiculous claim that this Nimrod "changed stations" using sound waves to alter what people thought.  This is more psycho-babble from York seeking to reach the most gullible of his left over cult members. The Ziggurats of Sumer were not and are not "antennas", York and the Nuwaupians should be required to show proof to empty claims like such as these.  Temples in Sumer were originally built on platforms. During the third millennium B.C., they were made higher and bigger. Eventually it was decided to build even higher temples on platforms which were stepped.

These stepped towers were called ziggurats. By 2000 B.C. mud-brick ziggurats were being constructed in many Sumerian cities. Later, ziggurats were constructed in Babylonian and Assyrian and other cities.

There's not even the slightest bit of evidence supporting York's claim that Ziggurats were "antennas" nor that Nimrod/Enki/Enlil had any relations to them.  Again, whenever you see or hear a Nuwaupian making spaced out claims, always request that they present proof because without proof, there's no truth.

One would have to be a complete idiot to believe that the antenna used for receiving signals as seen on the top of Cathedrals, and other temples are what Nimrod used as York claims, naturally without evidence.

"They make statements about events and time, but they don't produce the evidence, or the document to support what they say, which leaves the reader in the same state they are in religion, to believe, but not have facts"

-Malachi York: Let's Set the Records Straight pg. 239