Ask The Nuwaupians, Is There Any Proof That A Universe Takes 9 Years Before It's Born?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, Is There Any Proof That A Universe Takes 9 Years Before It's Born?

Answer: No proof.


Of the many absurdities that's been taught over the years by Dr. York, you would have to include one from the "Paa Taraq" series or "Actual Facts" called, "Existence: How & Why".   One of the most outstanding claims from York is that it takes a Universe only "9" years to be born.  


It looks impressive and may read as something profound, however when a request for corroboration, evidence or verification is asked, NO documentation is ever offered, yet York will say, 

"They make statements about events and time, but they don't produce the evidence, or the document to support what they say, which leaves the reader in the same state they are in religion, to believe, but not have facts"

-Malachi York: Let's Set the Records Straight pg. 239 


What's even more laughable is that the image used in that "Actual Facts" magazine is said to be a universe, "figure #22", but it's NOT a Universe, it's a galaxy, specifically, the ANDROMEDA GALAXY.  The image was taken from NASA's Hubble Telescope.  


York's nonsense is overt, but Nuwaupians refuse to acknowledge it, which further demonstrates a psychosis of cognitive dissonance.  Those followers who are aware of the lie would rather ignore it than say that York was lying or wrong.  

York has the audacity to claim that he has

"...76 trillion years of information, but only supposed to give you 25,000..."

and that,

"I am from the 19th galaxy Illyuwn, far outside of this one...I came from the planet Rizq by way of Nibiru, you call it Jannat". Our solar system is within the 19th galaxy on this side of the first warp called the black hole...The planet that I come from each being lives to be 1000 years old..." 

-Holy Tablets pg. 1640-1641


With all that self professed knowledge, and claims of being from another planet, he didn't know the Andromeda galaxy from a Universe?  It's elementary errors like this which demonstrates York's lack of credibility on a bevy of topics.